Really enjoyed reading PW + FotF.

Really enjoyed reading PW + FotF.

Really enjoyed reading PW + FotF. I am curious how people refer to the tables in practice; it seems a bit cumbersome to flip back and forth between the small pages mid-game, especially with the way the physical book is bound (requiring at least one hand to hold open). Anybody have any tips there? Is there a chance of a GM/Referee screen being made?

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  1. FWIW, I tend to generate a little bit of content around the players, and if I need to make new content off the cuff, I go from memory having used the tables as inspiration.

  2. I used three of the monsters from Book of Beasts in a 5e game the day I got it. I’ll be generating my own for the next session ahead of the session using Freebooters. I don’t see myself using the books on the fly as much except for the name tables- those are gold! I do, however, plan to put all three to use for my next DW campaign. Very nicely done!

  3. Hi Justin Ennis — A GM screen had occurred to be, but it’s pretty far down on my list of priorities, so it may fall to an enthusiastic end-user to come up with that.

    At our table, I have the book out and the “Ask the Fates” chapter bookmarked. I personally don’t find it too difficult to use on the fly, and I prefer the book over separately printed play aids, but I’ve probably had more practice using it than anyone else at this point. When the opportunity arises (usually as the result of a Scout Ahead or Navigate roll), I ask everyone at the table to roll a d12 and then sound off when I point at them, which helps me find the necessary entry quickly.

    If I know where they’re headed for the next session and I have the time, I might use the tables to prep some things in advance. But only if I know for sure that they’re headed into a particular region or area. West Marches style, I try to get them to plan via email between sessions so I have some idea of where they might go, but in practice probably 80% of their encounters proceed naturally from the fiction and/or get rolled up on the tables as we play.

  4. For myself, I built a quick python program to roll out anything quickly. Just click what I need and poof all rolled up. Means having my laptop at the table but it sped things up for me.

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