Tiny, Solitary, Intelligent, Unique

“Rixloo tricks you! Rixloo tricks you!” This annoying taunt can be heard by anyone who’s fallen prey to one of Rixloo’s “pranks”. Beehive in the tent? Hilarious! Spell book replace with a cow pie? Great fun! Nothing he (it?) does will overtly get a person killed,because where’s the fun in that, but he might throw a fish at your face at the worst time possible. Rumor has it that if caught he must reveal the location of a fantastic treasure. His one weakness….being ignored makes him furious.

Instinct: Prank & pester, tease & taunt

Special qualities: Invisible unless enraged


– create chaos

– replace a valuable object with garbage

– answer honestly when captured

2 thoughts on “Rixloo”

  1. I like this, allot. Something so simple, and yet can add so so much to the game.

    Reminds me of the treasure goblins in Blizzard’s ‘Diablo3’, but with more depth

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