6 thoughts on “About spells: how many HP for a summoned creature ?”

  1. i rolled a “Golem of Magnificent Glutony” spell (nice, isn’t it ?) Appart from the glutony aspect i fear such summoned creatures could be an ingame issue if we do not define clearly some HP and Armor values for the Effect parameter. Maybe the damage roll could work for HPs (?) and the bonus for the Armor value, buying two separate Effects (ex : 2d6 HP and 1 armor would cost 3 power points). Maybe it’s already what it’s supposed to be ?

  2. The spell variables are guidelines and not intended as orthodoxy. Generally speaking, everything open to interpretation should be negotiated between Magic-User and Judge.

    That being said, what John Love says is right, the numbers stuff falls under Effect. For 1 power you get +1/1d6, which is usually +1 or 1d6 but in your example I might say both apply — the Golem has 1 point of Armor and 1d6 HP. My judging style is that’s what you get for being lucky enough to roll a summoning spell.

    How long that Golem sticks around is anther matter. And what do you need to have on hand to bring it into being? Do you carry a little clay statue with you? Does it animate for a short time and then stop moving when the duration runs out? What do you do when the statue gets broken?

    We’ve had a lot of fun playing around with the “practical” aspects of spellcasting.

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