I just read the Detect Magic description.

I just read the Detect Magic description.

I just read the Detect Magic description… “one of your SENSES is attuned to magic”.  Did anyone ever select hearing or smell?  What do you hear when you come across a magically warded area?  What do you smell when you come across an enchanted person?

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  1. Ahem. I didn’t, never really even played wizards in DW, GM only, hardcore only. As for your questions… those are dependant on the magic and character in question, you don’t think? 

    With hearing I’d say you will notice more pronounced hum of the force, perhaps spreading in concentric circles around that place. 

    Smell… clearly depends on school of magic. It could be rotten smell of necromancy, fresh mint of fae glamour, cold icy smell of inscribed runes of protection or spicy smell of simple hearth’s blessing. 

  2. Ben Aaronovitch has each character in his novels create a unique signature or ‘signare’ when they use use magic – almost like a sensory impression left at the scene of the casting that can be used to identify the caster.

  3. James Wardle this is a concept that also appears in Earthdawn and to some extent in Mage:the Ascension. 

    It can be a really awesome storytelling tool for the GM, a good spot to reveal unwelcome truths or foreshadow bad things with an omen!

  4. Absolutely. It can also introduce a ‘big bad’ into a campaign over a period of time without your players having to physically meet them or know their identity.

  5. I used smell for an NPC wizard ones. The players thought it was awesome that he smelt a portal. Because it was necromantic cultists he said he smelt rotting meat

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