7 thoughts on “When creating a dungeon using the random rules in PW, I didn’t see any tables of rooms.”

  1. There are no actual room tables. The “Plumb the Depths” section explains how the GM can set up lists of “common areas” and “unique areas” for each dungeon, tailored to the dungeon’s function. An “area” could be anything from “a small 20’x20′ chamber” to something like “larders and dining halls,” which allows you to scale things up or down depending on your needs. I felt that a table of rooms didn’t quite jibe with my ideas about improvised dungeon creation, but ymmv.

  2. Fair enough. To some degree, I was looking at combining PW and FbotF into a solitaire F20 experience.

    Idea being you start with 12 characters (6 fighters, 3 thieves, 2 clerics, and 1 magic user). And then your party can be any combination of 4.

    Then you run them through.

    Just a thought. I guess I can always pull out the random dungeon generator from my AD&D DMG (good ol’ Appendix A).

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