I still have still have a few hundred copies of The Perilous Wilds, A Book of Beasts, and Freebooters on the Frontier left over from the original print run. Follow these steps if you’d like to purchase any of these books (all prices are USD):

1) Calculate your book cost and weight:

The Perilous Wilds is SOLD OUT

+$6/2 oz. per copy of A Book of Beasts

+$5/2 oz. per copy of Freebooters on the Frontier

Servants of the Cinder Queen  is SOLD OUT

2) Calculate your shipping cost based on total book weight:

+$0.50 per oz. to ship within the US

+$1.00 per oz. to ship to Canada

+$1.50 per oz. to ship anywhere else

3) Paypal the total of book cost+shipping cost to [email protected]

Please include “L&B” in the subject line, and include your shipping address as well as which books you want in the body of your email.

Please note that shipping costs are higher for non-US customers than during the Kickstarter, because I did a poor job of estimating those costs when I set up the campaign! 

I am currently looking into how to get everyone who orders hard copies a 50% discount on the DTRPG PDF versions of the books.

Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Money sent.  I tried to get a printout from Office Depot, but I guess I can’t do that because of the copyright, and lo and behold I found out there is a way to get hard copies.

  2. Apologies, omitting Servants was an oversight on my part. I’ve added it to the list, at the same cost/weight as Freebooters.

    If you already ordered books this way and want a copy of Servants, just Paypal me the additional funds with a note that you’re adding it to your order.

  3. Jason Lutes I have send you the funds for my order.  Will you be using your improved packaging?  I’d hate for my one and only chance at a hard-copy SotCQ to get crushed!


  4. Hi Corporal Gus, sorry I didn’t see this question until now. Which books are you asking about? The Perilous Wilds alone would be $16 shipped to the UK.

  5. Jeremy Christian, my apologies. I think when you wrote “1 of everything” in your email, I translated that as 1 of each of the 3 KS books. I’ll send you out a copy of SotCQ tomorrow.

  6. Hi Carl Hickman, I will start sending out 50% discounts to everyone who ordered via this offer this afternoon. I have to do it individually due to the DTRPG interface, so it’s tedious and may take a while, but I think I can get through them all today.

  7. Hi Christina — I send out links to discount PDFs of the Perilous Wilds stuff as I process orders, but I just want to make sure you’ll be getting yours. I’m not seeing “Christina Kline” on my customer list — was the order placed under a different name? You can email me at [email protected] to respond.



  8. Jason Lutes 

    So, just bought the PDF’s for TPW and ABOB through DTRPG yesterday, and fell so in love with both of them that I’ll now order the hard copies of both. First some questions though: 1) I don’t suppose the discount applies in reverse, somehow? ^^ 2) are there still copies left of both TPW and ABOB? 3) I live in Denmark – when I calculate shipping and book costs I get 25 USD, does that seem correct? Really looking forward to having the books!

  9. Jason Lutes otherwise it´s OK for me to just pay the full amount, would just really like to have my copies as soon as possible, and I imagine shipping from the US will take a while as well…

  10. Loved The Perilous Wilds, and picking up a hard copy is just what the leftover holiday money wanted to be spent on! Order should be coming through shortly (if there’s still copies at least!)

  11. I just ordered a hard copy of the three books that you listed there.  I love the small publisher works for OSR/DW-type systems.  I’m looking forward to your work.

  12. Hey everyone who ordered recently — just wanted to let you all know that your orders are being processed and will ship in one big batch on Friday. Sorry for the delay, hectic week.

  13. I’ve just ordered all three for the UK. If you can get a discount to me my young lad will get a PDF for my birthday. Then I’ll use them to run a game for him! 🙂

  14. I ordered a hard copy of Perilous Wilds and Freebooters back in October, but I can’t seem to find any emails with discounts for the pdfs.  Can you check and see if you sent something and I missed it?

  15. Hi Jason, I just read a glowing review of the Perilous Wilds and I’d like to pick up a hard copy.  I’m in the US but I’m OCONUS; would you like me to pay more than 50cents/oz to ship to Hawaii?

  16. Hi James Sauers, the plan is to release it as PoD some time later this year. I’ll post on the Lampblack & Brimstone Community when that happens.

  17. Hi Alex Gangur, I was just thinking about this earlier today. When I have time over the holiday break, I’m going to to format the pdf properly and order a test copy to see how it looks. Thanks for the nudge!

  18. Jason Lutes, I got the books today and they look really lovely! Can’t wait to use some of these sweet beasts. I hope it’ll be possible to get PW and SotCQ in printed version once again. It’s a shame I missed them.

  19. Grzegorz Ocetek, happy to hear you like them. The file for a print-on-demand version of The Perilous Wilds file is currently being reviewed by the printer. With any luck a new print version will be available within a month or two.

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