UPDATE: Defend is also fixed.

UPDATE: Defend is also fixed.

UPDATE: Defend is also fixed.



Okay, so I impulsively batch-processed Stefan Grambart ‘s awesome sheets to make them a bit darker, for those of us struggling with the print legibility of the grey text.

I did it in photoshop, and the file ended up ~20mB larger despite me having removed three pages and I’m sorry. Bookmarks are probably also a mess. This is what happens when amateurs go vigilante.

NB: Also corrected a typo in Defy Danger+Cha, and took the liberty of moving the “touch” tag into the body of the Immolator move because that seemed the fastest fix.

7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Defend is also fixed.”

  1. Hey Matt, I hope I’m not missing something here but essentially:

    a) Defend lacks the option “Redirect an attack from the thing you defend to yourself”

    b) Druid’s “Doppleganger’s Dance” should actually read “Doppelgänger’s Dance”

    The second error is a very minor thing but the first one actually changes the game a great deal.

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