3 thoughts on “Fellow Judges”

  1. For actual DW (haven’t had a chance to Freeboot yet), I just ask myself who this person is, where they come from, what their circumstances are, and decide what they’d likely have as a result.

    For example: they recruit a “loyal porter” from a small, remote village. I figure he’s loyal because he’s poor and sees this as his big opportunity to support his family. So I jot down what he needs to do the job (a big frame pack, maybe a pry-bar or a shovel) and a couple other things that make sense (some rations his wife packed, a memento of home).  

    If it’s winter, maybe I give him a ratty cloak and some leaky boots to emphasize just how unprepared he really is for the adventuring life. 

    By contrast, if they hire a grizzled fur trapper as a guide, I’m going to assume she has snares, warm fur clothes, maybe a bow, all the gear she needs to survive on her own. Maybe a flask of whisky.

  2. What Jeremy describes is pretty much how I do it. And when the need to equip them on the fly arises (i.e., we’ve got to descend this cliff, anybody have a rope?), I sometimes follow this procedure:

    1) Given their background, would it make sense for the follower to carry the needed gear on a regular basis? If so, give it to them. The mountain guide would have the rope; the sage or the porter would not.

    2) Is there an off chance they might have the needed gear? If so, have a PC roll to Get Lucky (but only if they trigger the move by explicitly asking, “does anyone have any rope?”). I would make this roll one time for however many followers are present. The sage would not be likely to carry rope, but the porter might have some left over from a previous expedition, so I’d let them try to Get Lucky.

    3) If 1 and 2 don’t apply, nope, they don’t have the gear.

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