Thanks to everyone who made suggestions in my previous thread.

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions in my previous thread.

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions in my previous thread. I think I’m going to try making a Spy. Here’s the move I’d like to use, what do you think?

Dead Drop

You are part of a network of agents in service to an authority. Tell us who you serve! You communicate with your fellow agents through dead drops; they will give you information in exchange for your service. When you leave information or proof of an accomplished service that is valuable to your employer in a dead drop, hold 3. Spend a hold to ask one of the following:

What’s the greatest danger here?

How could I best blend in around here?

Where is ________ hidden?

Where could I best hide around here?

Is there a trap or ambush here, and if so, where?

What’s my best way in, out, or through this place?

8 thoughts on “Thanks to everyone who made suggestions in my previous thread.”

  1. Are the questions about the drop in particular, or is the completion of the drop merely the means that you uses to recharge your hold, and you can ask the question about anything?

  2. Also if you haven’t already thought about Race/Background moves, my suggestion would be:

    TINKER – gadget based spy, probably something interesting with Adventuring Gear uses

    TAILOR – face man spy, gets by on suaveness and chutzpah.

    SOLDIER – Action spy, sneaky butt kicker Jason Bourne type

  3. Completing the drop recharges hold; it’s like a scouting report on an area that is revealed when you want. For race/background, the ones I have planned are “Poison”, “Deception”, and “Assassination”.

  4. On you questions, I think the hide one and the blend in one could be merged – it’s two different flavors of the same idea. I would steal a bit from the Bard and add:

    * Whom does ___ serve?

    * What does ____ most desire?

    I think you want these, because none of your questions really relate directly to people, and I think that would definitely be just as important as location information to a spy.

  5. I think that establishing contact with the network could be handled in much the same way as readying spells. You can do it. You don’t need to roll, but it takes time.

    Likewise, much as a wizard or cleric ready their spells, spies might “ready” their information.

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