24 thoughts on “Any DW players near Alameda/Oakland CA?”

  1. Justin Nelson, I just moved out here, so not that familiar with the area yet. I’m in Alameda, I know there’s no BART there. Does BART stop close to Endgame in Oakland? Are there any other good resources to find players out here?

  2. Hi Russell Borogove , I am actually and for the express purpose of finding gamers. Work is starting to look like it’s going to screw thing up for me, but I am definitely going to be there Friday and Sunday. Are you going?

  3. I’m in the following. Any overlap?

    10/16 7p – 1a Battle for Korriban 

    10/18 9a – 3p The House Always Wins: A Fallout New Vegas Tale

    10/18 3p – 9p Crisis in Capital City

  4. It was fun!. Don’t think I’m a big fan of the system, the funky dice were definitely a bit awkward, but good players and great GM more than made up for it.

  5. Whatever people bring. Usually we run at least 2 board games and 1 or 2 rpg’s a night.

    We do an open gaming format. I would be happy to host a DW game. Almost every Thursday night 7 to 11 @ 924 Gilman. Tomorrow we skip a night due to a fest. However, you are welcome to stop by next week.

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