We are finally launching the Kickstarter for Dungeon World Encounter Cards.

We are finally launching the Kickstarter for Dungeon World Encounter Cards.

We are finally launching the Kickstarter for Dungeon World Encounter Cards. It will go live this weekend (Tonight after our regular game I will hit the little green button!). My partner Richard (principle artist and the guy in the photo) and I are running Dungeon World games this weekend at the Ottawa Game Expo. (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1560393505/dungeon-world-encounter-cards)

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  1. We did consider Drive Thru but we faced two barriers. First they were not able to supply Tarot sized cards, although they have those in the works. Second, in order to build the kind of momentum that lets us do the cards they way we want to, we need to raise funds. The funds are for the art and development as much as the production. This way when we do go for continuance with Drive Thru it will be a much nicer product than if we just went there first. 

  2. Yes. We looked at the size when we were developing the cards and the dungeon world fiction block really is too large for a traditional playing card. There would be no room for art on the majority of the cards. This is one case where bigger actually is better. Our goal is to have big, bold, beautiful cards that you will want to bring to the table every chance you get. 

  3. I had a similar issue, and think where I failed. I insisted on normal playing card size and couldn’t get everything necessary to make a usable and readable card. Damn my stubbornness!

    I’m excited to see what you’ve come up with. Will there be sneak peeks? 😉

  4. Yes, there have been and will be more. We had a blogspot account before our website so I need to migrate stuff from there. And some stuff has been previewed on Facebook. We’ve had decks for a year and a half now (at least) and we have almost all of them with art now, although my main  deck is still a couple printings old (we used the newer prototype decks to get some play testers using them). Monday I’ll set up a bunch of art previews to come out on our main website and I’ll make sure there is a link on the kickstarter. 

    BTW If we get past the first dungeon of stretch goals we will jump to a base of around 360 cards to work with. 

  5. I got to beta test these out, and they seriously improved my game.  Drawing cards just makes so much sense to get random encounters, it feels a lot better than a random table.  The best thing you can do with these is take ten minutes before a game to go through the deck, draw out the monsters you think you might want in the day’s game (they’re colour-coded by monster type/environment, so it’s easy to spot undead vs swamp vs city), throw in some traps, and then you’re 100% good to go on the adventure, all the improvisation and stats are right there.  

    When the players need a challenge, you just draw 2-3 cards and figure out how they come into play (and if they don’t fit well, you just draw the next ones).  So bam, the players start sinking into quicksand as the kobolds jump from the trees.  Or bam, the cave they just wandered into was a dragon’s lair, in the middle of being worshipped by cultists, and the statues lining the walls start swinging their arms trying to hit anyone close by.

    It really fits in with DW’s no-prep leaving-blanks policy, after using it for a campaign it feels like a base part of the game.  I highly recommend it.

  6. I was going to ask in this G+ community if anyone had heard anything about these, and then found this post 🙂

    I love the idea (and I love handling and using cards in general); the price + shipping (to the Netherlands) makes this a hard sell though. I’ll probably go with the PDF option for now (and hope this will fund).

  7. We struggled a lot with the prices, our dollar is really low right now which also doesn’t help. But I empathize, we end up with essentially a boutique item. One suggestion I can make is that if you have a regular gaming group, why not split the cost? We did that when we went to fourth Ed. D&D. We split the online cost for all the DM tools. It made it manageable. Either way super glad to have your support.

  8. I have also tried to make cards of this type (as a layman that I’m in the matter, of course, not professionally as you), and reading some other posts, I realized that for solve the size issue, i need to put the art on one side and statistics / description on the other side.

    With this approach i win 2 things:

    1) Space for art and description ( all card size for both)

    2) When we show the monsters to the PJ’s, they do not really know the description / HP / armor, qualities, instinct of the monster, etc…

    they (the players) can only imagine this things, giving more power to the fiction .

    So, that was my contribute. 😉

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