What modificator does an immolator most depen upon?

What modificator does an immolator most depen upon?

What modificator does an immolator most depen upon?

For one-shots, I tend to prefill the stats of the character-sheets. That saves a lot of prep time for the new players, and gives a nice balance where the fighter can´t outsmart the bard. In the v 2.2 sheets, the immolator became an official class, so I want to fill it out as well. How ever, I can´t find a single most important (+2) stat. I mean it´s DEX for thief, STR for fighter etc.

But the Immolator has custom moves using CON and WIS, and can use INT as STR or DEX. So basicly 3 important stats. Where would the the +2 be most appropriate as a result of fiction (not power palying)?

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  1. It’s a hard question to answer. I think this problem is why there are a few different modifications of the class floating around out there. To me, CON makes sense with the fiction, followed closely by WIS. The Immolator has survived much, including his/her own sacrifices, and has learned much from the experiences.

  2.              str  dex  con  int  wis  cha

    barbar  1    1    2    -1   0    0

    bard    -1   0    0    1    1    2

    cleric  0    0    -1   1    2    1

    druid   0    1    0    1    2    -1

    fighter 2    1    1    -1   0    0

    paladin 1    -1   1    0    0    2

    ranger  0    2    1    0    1    -1

    thief   1    2    0    1    -1   0

    wizard  0    -1   0    2    1    1

    SUM     4    5    4    4    6    4

    After filling every char to my best judgement, most attributes are well balanced. DEX is used slightly above average. Interestingly, WIS is used most.

  3. NOTE: that is the mean, but not the median. So the average gives a ‘not so accurate’ representation of what is used more. Sure the total scores average to that, but that is because of the negative numbers.

    I’d say dexterity is used far more, even by those who have +0 and +1.  And most of your characters don’t take a -1 in wisdom.

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