Whew! I had a player roll Last Breath for the first time tonight! While fighting a giant evil frog and a cult of frogmen (during which the Barbarian scaled the frog Shadow of the Collosus-style and the Paladin got eaten whole, then used climbing pitons to scale its esophagus and stab it in the mouth, and multiple characters nearly drowned), the bard got walloped for all her remaining health. She couldn’t even bear to look as she rolled, so I got to announce that she got a 12!

4 thoughts on “Whew!”

  1. The bard got lucky, Hope you ready yourself fellow GM. Player’s rolling last breath and then failing will be fun for you. When you see a character definitely die for the first time, please share.


  2. Man, I was just as nervous as she was! Especially after the whole party rolled poorly all session, I was so grateful for those boxcars. It’ll definitely be a sad day when one of them fails that roll! I’ll let you guys know how it goes for sure.

  3. I hope someday, you will experience a real TPK, not becuase I hate you or your group, but becuase whatever TPKs your group, luck or not, will gain a prestigious respect and fear from your players.

    Thanks to my group being TPKd they will forever fear (and be excited to see) the 5 HP AttackBot.

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