Howdy! We are kicking off a new DW campaign this (and every) Sunday at 9pm-11:00pm(ish) UK time. We have a Sorcerer, a bard and a barbarian. Could you be the final piece to this jigsaw? Let us know if interested and we will add you to our merry band. N00bs are more than welcome!


Roll20 system

Must use mics (we have one typer which is cool, but no more!)

Open to a good laugh

13 thoughts on “*ADVENTURERS REQUIRED*”

  1. Oh, does Roll20 have its own voice chat support? I’ve only ever used it via the Hangouts app. TIL.

    That time slot fits right in my schedule and I’m fond of shorter sessions, so I’m likely down. I will need to noodle on class choice and get back to you later today.

  2. Good to have you on board James Etheridge Yeah, we used Roll20 last time and it worked well tbh. Whichever class you prefer is cool, just let me know and send me the class sheet if not in the standard playbook so I can absorb it.

  3. I think I’ll go with Star Mage, spun as an Indiana Jones “it belongs in a museum!” type. I’ll message you the playbook.

    I also see that you were trying to contact me on Hangouts earlier. I dunno why, but Google never seems to notify me when someone tries to do that; I never see a chat window pop up in Google+, and if I get a notification on my phone at all it’s not for at least a week. If you want to contact me through The Googles, emailing me or mentioning me in a post are the only ways I’ll know about it in any kind of timely fashion.

  4. Hi Andrew Murphy & Alphonso McCutchen We have the cast we need for now, and as we are only playing 2hour blocks, my concern is any more players may dilute the amount of time and impact each character can have. Let us get the ball rolling a bit and if possible, I’d love to come back to you to join in a little further down the line once we are into the swing of it? 

  5. Bryan Plumb definitely!  

    Alphonso McCutchen , we have an ongoing “experiment in Dungeon World” – playing with multiple GMs running games for a community of players, and developing a “living world” based on the characters’ actions and players’ interests.

    We’re slowly and slightly hacking the game to help it run for the multi-GM and ever-changing group composition, but sticking true to the DW principles.

    Come check us out at: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106322006169543437072

  6. So is there like a page on Roll20 for the campaign, or should we just be online and looking for an invite around go-time?

    (Also, never heard back from you about the Star Mage. Did you get the post I shared with you, and is the class cool if you did?)

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