Thought for the day:

Thought for the day:

Thought for the day:

In my own games, in some posts here, and even in Perilous Almanacs, I have seen various forms of the “When [x] judges you, roll+[y]” move.

I’ve used CHA before, as if it were a test of the person’s character, and Jason Lutes uses WIS to be judged by a mountain/spirit/concept.

Have you ever done such a thing? Which MOD did you use, and why?

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  1. The person doing the judging should be rolling, I’d think, not the one being judged. “Being judged” would fall under Defy Danger+CHA, I’d think.

    For the judge, I’d say +WIS or +INT.

  2. Calle Andén One of the arguments against CHA I’ve seen here is that Defy Danger describes “Using Charm and Social Grace” but I think there’s lots of grey for interpretation, like when people say their running tackle is more DEX than STR because “it’s about speed of impact, rather than power of grapple”. Fun times.

  3. Tim Franzke I should’ve been clearer. How about “When your soul is weighed by Anubis…” or something similar? When it’s not about conscious honesty or deception, but strength of character? Would you forgo a roll, and just use GM fiat?

  4. Rolling for this doesn’t seem right to me for some reason. The none-Wise fighter that always did the right thing and is a good person might come out worse then the asshole Cleric with high Wisdom. 

    I’d rather play this out. Ask the character questions to judge their soul and then decide based on what they tell you. 

    If you really just want to find out how strong their Will is or whatever it would be a WIS roll most likely but that doesn’t tell you much I think. 

  5. If you are judged by Anubis answer his questions how you like but tell everyone if you are lying or not. 

    Would be the move I’d right maybe after a short look into the myth. 

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