24 Dungeon Starters and counting….

24 Dungeon Starters and counting….

24 Dungeon Starters and counting….

1.The Frozen Perils of Shipwreck Bay


2.Hidden Sewer Lair of the Pied Piper


3. Raiders of the Forsaken Temple


4.Terrible Secret of the Black Galleon


5.Catacombs of the Black Kremlin


6. The Forgotten Treasures of Goblin Lake


7. Spider Pyramid


8. Valley of the Lost


9.The Treasure Pit


10.Lost City of Pillars


11. Mistah Kurtz’s Jungle Emporium and Inn


12. Ziggurat of Madness


13. City of Thieves


14. Festival


15. Strangers in a Strange Land


16. Tower of Ice


17. Past Midnight in the Garden of Evil


18. Fungal Forest


19. Fallen Star


20. Castle Death


21. Trollstone Caverns


22. Sorcerer’s Tomb


23. A Sacrifice for a Mosasaurus


24. Sunless Depths


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  1. They’re supposed to start off a one-shot or campaign and prep the GM in a similar amount of time as it takes the players to select and fill out their character sheets at the table. Because you’re supposed to have some ideas about things that might happen but not a concrete way things ought to turn out, getting you started and giving you a crib sheet of ideas is all a DW module should do. A cool thing about starting a game that was inspired by Lady Blackbird: having a common starter means every table is going to take it in a different direction but each game will be instantly recognizable as having come from the same starter.

  2. Sorry I didn’t give you a better answer earlier. I wrote up this for somebody a little later when I got the same question-

    It is all based on the free form nature of Dungeon World, which can vary from group to group. Say you gather together a group of newbies and decide to use George Miller’s The Goblin Hole Starter.

    You might start by asking them the questions:

    Whose idea was it to come here?

    How long will the ponies be OK without you?

    This far from civilization, what was the last thing

    you saw as you entered the cavern?

    You weren’t sure before but what is the smell that

    keeps getting stronger as the cavern’s entrance

    disappears from view?

    What have you sworn to do here?

    What scares you the most as you darkness looms


    Maybe mock up a little map while they answer of 5-8 rooms while they answer. Decide to hit them with the starlings move in the first cavern, the 

    debris shaft, and then the swinging log. Maybe add a fungus garden where the goblins grow crops, a slave pen for the kids, a communal chamber and lab room for the orkcaster. A secret exit turns out to be a good idea, too. Pepper and salt with your ideas and the starters. Improv at your comfort level. Maybe use the dungeon generator in the DMG or Perilous Wilds to help. 

    The party rescues the kids and all is joy. Until they discover the wizard has caught the goblin pox and is turning into a goblin. As are the kids and the now the villagers….next adventure!

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