24 thoughts on “I feel like drawing some monsters on commission, so take your pick!”

  1. PS: you should add the weapon reach tags along with weapon damage (hand, close etc.), in your bestiary. I know, it’s not so important, however… if you do something, do it right 😀

  2. Andrea Parducci I know that I’m going the hard way, but I’m using a simplified monster format as inspired by World of Dungeons. Which is very similar to the Dungeon World one but with small changes (all die sizes are in d6 and almost all tags are replaced with “what makes sense in the fiction”). Probably it would be easier to sell it eventually if I used the Dungeon World format, but I play World of Dungeons and I like and understand it more.

    David Perry glad to hear that! how deadly you want the squid? blinding poison? lethal touch? intelligent maybe?

  3. Paralyzing suckers sounds good!  To be clear, I’m thinking not exclusively an underwater creature, maybe just hiding in a pile of bones. Perhaps it can lash out with a tentacle through an eye socket if you get too close.

  4. These are awesome! Could I request a Library Dragon? Like a normal dragon, only with a hoard of books instead of gold. Probably breaths something other than fire so as not to endanger the collection.

  5. That’s a pretty awesome idea! Maybe that’s why dragons (or at least a library dragon) demand that villages do the whole offering-of-the-maiden-sacrifice thing? They’re not for food, they’re just for doing the reading.

  6. Both are awesome! I especially like the grumpy expression on the Bookwyrm’s face, like any time you run into them they’re annoyed that you’re taking away from their reading time. 😀

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