VirtuaCon is putting out the call for GMs & Players. VirtuaCon is a free online RPG convention that brings amazing GMs and players together like no other! We want everyone to be part of the “Best 3 Days in Virtual Gaming”! The cadre of volunteers is working hard to make this year’s event better than last year. We’re for the community, by the community! If you enjoy running games online through Google Hangouts and want to be more active in the online gaming community, please think about running a game(s) at VirtuaCon next month. If you’d rather just play, come on over and see what we’re about! Please feel free to ask questions.



23-25 Oct 2015

Online through G+




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2 thoughts on “GMS/PLAYERS WANTED!”

  1. I have officially submitted a proposal to run a Dungeon World game on Saturday (for me, in the morning, for Europe in the mid-afternoon). Once I know more about how to advertise it, I will promte here. 😀

  2. Thank you!

    The call will go out to the GMs at the end of the month to create the events in the VirtuaCon community and then you can advertise it. In the meantime you can promote that folks visit out wiki page to learn more about the event and how to sign up to play games when we open them for player sign up. The wiki and our G+ community are he places to get up to date information.

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