I hope this is allowed here!

I hope this is allowed here!

I hope this is allowed here!

I recently began a new podcast called Too Cool For Tabletop where I convince friends unfamiliar or uninterested in tabletop games to play a game with me to prove that no one is too cool for tabletop.

We have four episodes at the moment with the last two featuring actual play of Dungeon World. I will be uploading a bonus episode on Monday where my co-host and I dig into Class Warfare.

You can listen to us on iTunes and other podcasting apps. For more ways to listen, behind-the-scenes photos, and my dumb rantings visit my website at www.toocoolfortabletop.com.

I’d like to note that this isn’t a typical gaming podcast, the emphasis is more on how people unfamiliar with these games behave when playing. We banter back and forth and try to make it entertaining to listen to.

I’d love to hear some feedback! Both actual play episodes are ~1.5 hours long. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “I hope this is allowed here!”

  1. Awesome idea for a podcast. I’ll give it a listen.

    It seems like 90% of the time, I’m teaching people who never RP’d before. I am SO glad that Dungeon World is such an awesome system for that. 

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