5 thoughts on “Updated PDFs?”

  1. I think Jason has said that he will send out final PDFs to backers after all of the physical rewards have been shipped, which should be by the end of this week (I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he said).  I got my books this past weekend and love them!  There’s something about the form factor of the little books with cardstock covers that just fits the subject material.  I’m hoping to launch my game this coming Friday.

  2. John Marron has it right. I am currently finalizing the PDFs of most of the non-print stuff (PW Survival Kit, Perilous Almanacs, Mad Vandel’s Map Pack, and A Folio of Followers). This stuff plus the final PDFs of The Perilous Wilds, A Book of Beasts, and Freebooters on the Frontier will go up Thursday or Friday, and backers will get their download links as soon as it’s all uploaded.

    Then, if I can manage it, everything will go up on DriveThruRPG for public consumption some time next week.

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