Help, too many players.

Help, too many players.

Help, too many players.

I have a lot of players and I am almost the only person running DW. Players love this game and every time there’s anyone interested I teach them but now I face the difficult part of having to choose who will play and who will not. I only play with 4-5 players (more people spoil the fun).

As a countermeasure I taught a friend to be a GM but still have 20 people waiting for me to play every Saturday afternoon (my only free day).

Any advice?

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  1. Offer preference in your game, to people who are willing to start up a game of their own.

    Or B: better yet, play with whoever you prefer to play with. You’re not a charity, nor a paid service.

  2. Yep, like the above posts state, teach more players to GM or play with those whom you have the most fun playing with. Do as you please, and don’t get to hung up on making other people feel bad. They will get over it.

  3. Aye. You’re here to have fun the same as they are. GMing is a hobby, not an obligation. That said, it would be a pretty cool thing to give a couple of hesitant GMs a few tips / leg-ups to get them started; the hobby can always use more folks willing to run. Plus IME it just feels good helping people out. Though, again, that’s not something you’re obligated to do.

    I would suggest gathering everybody together, and being super up front about your inability to run games for that many people. Let them know that you’re happy to help get a couple of people started GMing (assuming you are), and that more people are going to get to play if a few people step forward for that. And yes, invite the people you gel best with to game with you regularly.

  4. 20 players works out perfectly if four people step up to GM and you run a game for them, doesn’t it? As cool as that is though, +1 to addressing the group as a whole and offering different possible solutions, to help figure out what people are up for. They might prefer to take breaks and rotate and some might be willing to step up to the plate. I’ve long been fond of the idea of ‘coaching games’, even if I have not tried it. 

  5. Oney,

    Place some large monsters / wizards / pseudo players, Superior (in level) to your players.

    Kill  (or freeze, place them in a cryo-static prison, etc.) all your players (in game)

    Then call  (liberate) 5 other players (who where in one of the previous  situations)

    And so on in a pool …;)

    at the end, put  all together and make a bacchanal: P

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