6 thoughts on “Do any of you run games with maps and miniatures?”

  1. Yep. I agree. Play it straight before modding. If you add battle mechanics from another game it would probably be nothing like DW. It’s not a modular system outside of switching in different playbooks.

  2. If everyone has fun incorporating minis, then why not? The book is a tool to help you run your game, you and those you play with are the final authority on what works. I say experiment!

  3. I like to run it on Roll20.com for my friends who don’t live near me.  But we basically ignore the grid and draw just general stuff out as it happens.  Remember, it’s usually good to not draw out the whole field ahead of time.

  4. I’ m a map nerd.

    For minis, I sometimes use them to show relative positions; it’s okay to make a ladder, like AGON form John Harper, because, the only thing you would want to remember/show is if a PC is Far, or Near some kind of enemy/threat. Not a great necessity.

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