18 thoughts on “Dare you enter?”

  1. Robert Doe It’s not too hard to run, I did okay and I was one GM at a table of two teams. As long as the GMs stay on their feet and you have either a marker or minis on the map, then you can handle room clashes. If you miss one, it doesn’t affect anything, just announce relic acquisitions because those are unique in terms of scoring and opportunities…

  2. Matt Horam did you see any meta-gaming when the teams came into contact/conflict with each other?  I would imagine if everyone is at the same table then it would be a real challenge for folks to avoid capitalizing on thier OOC knowledge like who is out of potions, who has gotten that powerful magical sword, etc.

    Also, did you find it worth $13 for a single 4-hour adventure?  I know it means I am old but that seems alot to pay without getting a book to hold in my hands.

  3. When I played in a multi-team event of Fortress of the Ur-Mage, teams could not run into each other until the final encounter…. even if they were in the same room. It’s as if the teams had their own “instance” of the dungeon. However, artifact treasures claimed by one team could not be claimed by others. It’s up to each team so work quickly.

    As for the $13 price tag, I think it’s worth it. However, I should state I got a free copy for being a beta tester.

  4. Jeremy Christian I only had one instance of leaked knowledge, just of their position, then the other team teleported to chase them and unite for the final battle/race for the wand. It was okay, they were warned not to use unexplained knowledge or face punishment. They played well.

  5. I also think the money is worth the time/quality. It’s not a simple adventure, or a hasty playbook. It is 90 pages, handouts, maps, cards and copious pre-gens. I paid for one based on all the free stuff SVD has produced over the years.

  6. The “4 hour” thing is what is tripping people up over the cost, I think. In reality the 94 pages equate to a vast adventure with a lot of replay value. There is no way to do it all in that time frame, and it much more to come back to.

  7. Brandon Reinert Ha, yeah. Four hours is a time limit, a challenge, not a death sentence. It is most certainly replayable, and DW means every session is different.

  8. Claytonian JP Yeah, Fourthcore/Iron Trident is a niche market with intense personalities, so sometimes things vanish completely, come back better than ever, explode doing 3d12 acid damage to your heart, etc. I save everything and at one point had a mirror of the downloads shared publicly from my gDrive. Labour of love/hate for all involved.

  9. Claytonian JP Technically I bought you a copy by accident, but let me know if you can’t get the site to work and can’t get any support from our beloved Sersa. Top bloke, should sort you out.

  10. Claytonian JP No joke, I accidentally bought a copy and then received my playtest reward copy, so if for any reason you can’t get the site or the owner to deliver you a paid copy, I am legally allowed to pass you mine.

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