6 thoughts on “And here’s the other.”

  1. I worry that this class overshadows a fighter. Why +10 on hp and d10 damage?

    I’d recommend less damage, but allow the player to leverage the Dragon’s damage die (which is then d10)

  2. Here’s the CC version. It’s much more streamlined, which I like, and reminds me of my earlier attempts to make a cavalier. I’m not 100% on how to improve Loyalty. Would increasing Loyalty be worth the equivalent of:

    – An advanced move?

    – An attribute increase?

    – A Bond? 

  3. Very nice playbook. However, I’m with Joseph F. Russo​ here. You should lower the basic damage die to d6, maybe d8, then when your Dragon makes damages, you could:

    – Roll a stepped up die (so, d6 becomes d8)

    – Or roll 2 class dice, and keep the best one (like some monster do).

    Also, the move that “kills” your Dragon is cool, however I’d prefer a move that let you roll something like the “Last Breath” move. If you get 10+, you obtain great things in the scene, and your Dragon is left for dead, BUT it will return soon, safe and sound “it was just a scratch…”. 7+9 you get great things in the scene, but your Dragon is really dying. Choose between reducing its capabilities (he loses a move, or a power) or accept a GM quest to help your companion. 6- you get great things, but your Dragon dies at the end of the scene.

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