I’m in an amazing forum-based rolepaly that I’m loving.

I’m in an amazing forum-based rolepaly that I’m loving.

I’m in an amazing forum-based rolepaly that I’m loving. This is how my character used down-time before the seige. Should be great! 😀

OR: it’s the third post down in this link.


Scarecrow 3/8 load 11/18 hp 

lv.1, 6/8 exp

Str: 9(0)

Dex: 16(+2)

Con:12(0) Sick (-1)

Int: 15 (+1)


Cha: 13(+1)

I followed this group of ragtag adventurers fairly easily. Even among the elves, I received word. And rumors tend to spread truth, and lies, quicker than anything else. My time as a streetlord in the southern metropolis of Seadell(C-dull) has made my adept at spinning half-truths into rumors. (added to the map. More details can be found there) I just had to follow the whispering townfolk. 

Additionally, a woodsman owed me a favor and helped me track them to the elves. 

From there, I was captured by a scouting party, but was able to convince the leader of the elves (as I did the rest of the party) that I am a bumbling fool. However, I was able to offer them ‘goods’ for trade from the city of Seadell upon my return, and whether I plan to follow up on that promise, it helped speed my travel.

I myself had heard of this group opposing the Empire’s control. I care little about Gods, and believed in none of them until today, however hopefully I can profit from this situation. 

I briefly talked with each of the members of this group of ragtag adventures, and tried to scope them out. They responded differently to charm, to stupidity, to grim seriousness, and to anger and at this point they most likely think I am addled. Just the way I like it. I prefer to be underestimated by my opponents if it ever comes to that.

They are more than they appear, and their true power, even if they don’t know it, is in swaying the minds of the people. I can use that.  😈 

We spoke of their situation. (I would love it if all of you players wrote down what you told me as we spoke. I will write down what I spoke to you about, and roll my ‘con-artist’ move to see if you are a potential victim for my schemes).

1. Haw. I treat you with respect and ask you reverently and solemnly about the Old Gods. You seem like a man I can’t afford to cross just yet. But, maybe I’ll get something from you yet…


The questions you must answer are:

*How could I engage you in conversation?

*What are your current intentions?

*What do you value?

(check out the con artist move on my character sheet if you’re confused)

2. I treat the strange tattooed barbarian in the way he expects me too. I play the fool, and look closely to see if he will let down his guard.


You must answer:

*What do you value?

3. Talia, gauntlet-wielding warrior of Aramoor, is more than a match in a fight. However, my wit may surpass hers…


You must also answer the question:

*What are your current intentions?

4. Elric the Ranger is someone I can’t quite get a finger on… I will treat him with anger to see how he reacts. I will also try to find out all I can about him.


Okay, I guess I don’t find much about him and something goes terribly wrong.


Also, Elric get’s VERY suspicious when I start snooping around and I think I may not be the only one who is angry in this situation.

5. Glim is a very perceptive fellow. I met him as I walked through, and was one of the minstrels who saw me barter my way through the elven realm. He is not convinced by my acting, and I respect him: he himself knows the power of the spoken( or sung) word can have. I treat him as a friend, and try to improve my relations with him through wit and charm. I not only attempt to scope him out as a possible mark, but I attempt my own performance at the small glade he frequents in the forest, and bring with me gifts of fine ale and halfling pipeleaf, purchased with a few coins I pinched from the loot as it was divied up. Coin seems to come and go for me as quickly as I aquire it, so I make sure that Glim and his friends are well set up with ale, pipeleaf, and music.


If I have the money, I will add a carouse roll. Whatever money I receive will go straight to this. I’m a blow it all kinda guy, and I want to make my friend Glim very comfortable. 

[roll=Scarecrow Gets this party Started?]

Scarecrow rolls: 2d6+1

[2d6:6 + 3] + 1 => 10

Notes: Corouse

Roll ID: 55e0d0779ba08


I’m a big spender: so whatever money I get will go straight towards this carouse roll.

As I do all this, I look Glim up and down and try to figure out if he will ever be a good mark for me in the future. 



*How much are you worth?

*What do you value?

*What are your current intentions?

Finally, I try to befriend this strange elf. He could be an important ally in the days to come. 



I am anxious to be off. Several of my street contacts have promised to meet up with me to give me important news of the south and discuss some possible business opportunities. but it seems unwise to leave this area at such a critical time for me. The army of elves, and this group will shape the events to come, I just know it. Additionally, I covet the valuable item inside the Fortress of Greymire. It would be most fortuitous if I was in a position to control this item that both sides so highly value. I will continue with these adventurers, and this army of centaurs, orcs and elves against the evil of the Empire. For the old Gods! (and erm, of course, me.)


Who is Owen Grabert? Why should I trust him?

May I remove the sick debility and regain full HP after resting one of our nights? (I spend one night partying with Glim if I can) (I was only sick from fear, correct?)

Feel free to veto some of my stuff, and of course I don’t want my character to step on any other player’s feet, but I do want to play him as the conniving devil he is  😀  😆 

As for the fortress itself…

I want this to be epic and challenging. So my two imposing defenses are:

A moat with some sort of youngling beast just under the surface.

Boiling oil to be poured down from the walltop upon invaders.

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