Proof of concept for #Stonetop .

Proof of concept for #Stonetop .

Proof of concept for #Stonetop .  

I’m thinking about making a whole deck of these, each with:

– a description

– a “learning to use it” power

– an “unlocked mysteries” move

– increasingly significant consequences for using it

The Seeker will start with 2-3 cards from the deck. One will be chosen based on their background, two will be picked randomly. They then choose 1 that’s secrets have been unlocked, 1 that they are still learning to use, and 1 that they do not actually possess but they know where to find it. 

The rest of the deck (or the whole thing, if no one plays the Seeker) will be out there for characters to discover in play.  

Thoughts & feedback appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Proof of concept for #Stonetop .”

  1. Simon Brake I’m not sure. I think 16 at a bare minimum.  I’d like 24 or even more, but we’ll see how the creativity goes.

    If you’ve got ideas, post them here or send them to me privately.  I might not use them, but the inspiration can’t hurt.

  2. what kind of ideas are you looking for Jeremy Strandberg . BTW… this is awesome, and can’t wait for you to have stuff ready to play.

  3. Chris S Good question.  Artifacts, mostly. Workings of the Makers or their servants. Bound spirits. Dangerous spells taught to ambitious mortals by the Things Below. Relics of the fae. Charms and armaments crafted from starmetal, or orichalcum, or blood-quenched iron.

    Things that could have some sort of minor, easily accessible magical or extraordinary effect. Something that you can use and overtime, unlock more power. Power that, with continued use, has lasting and sometimes terrible effects.

    Magic is not “clean” in this world. I’m looking for stuff that reflects that.

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