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  1. Help me out here…I don’t just want generic combat stuff.

    Black robes:

    Bad boy: the allure of a black robe mage is often irresistible to potential romantic partners, especially if that person is an enemy or an opposed alignment.

    10+ hold three?

    7-9 hold one and choose from one option below

    * ????


    10+ target will perform a surreptitious boon or help the character in some way. Plus one forward to parlay with them in the future.

    7-9 same as above, but at some point in the future target will become extremely jealous or violent. ???


    Sorcerers Apprentice: you have hitched your star to an erratic and powerful archmage, when you need ritual items that involve dead bodies, hideous and squamous things:

    10+ your master has it readily on hand.

    7-9 as above, but he needs you to do something first or it’s down in the basement which he locked for very good reasons…


    I see the bad moon arising: when you study for spells attune yourself to Nuitari

    10+ Äi, it is ascendant. Take plus 1 on all spell casting rolls today and memorize 1 more spell level.

    7-9 Nuitari commands obedience. Same as above, but all spells must deal with death or violence. 

    deal with the devil: you’ve made an agreement with the spirit of a long dead sorcerer for power unimaginable.

    10+ ???

    7-9 ???

    Not super happy with these. But I like the direction. 

  2. I don’t know the source material to be honest, but I’ll come up with some rubbish to fuel your imagination!

    Wizards of an Order may take this move:

    Robes are Cool

    When you don the robes of your chosen Order, you may use your fearsome reputation as leverage to parley with other users of magic.

    Black Robe Wizards may take this move:

    Dark Allure:

    When you use your wit and charm to worm out of trouble, roll+CHA.

    On a 10+, you’re free to go, choose 1.

    On a 7-9, your crime is recognised, but still choose 1.

    – A good person is impressed by you.

    – You make an loyal ally of a foolish person.

    – You did one extra thing they don’t know about yet, describe it.

    Red Robe Wizards may take this move:

    When you spend a moonlit night researching magical energies, roll+INT.

    On a 10+, hold 3.

    On a 7-9, hold 1.

    Spend your hold at any time to anticipate a magical opponent and dodge or dissipate a spell targeting you.

    White Robe Wizards may take this move:

    When you fight evil under the light of the moon, and recall your oath, roll+CON.

    On a 10+, choose 3.

    On a 7-9, choose 1.

    – Your allies gain +1 armour against magic.

    – One of your allies takes 1d4 damage forward.

    – One of your allies will avoid physical debility and mental strain in the next battle.

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