Compendium Class: Doppelganger

Compendium Class: Doppelganger

Compendium Class: Doppelganger

You did the Take Watch move and several 6s later your dead at the hands of a Doppelganger!

Wanted to make a class for this type of old trope, or maybe for a character who wandered off in a dungeon and then is met back in town. Could be used for other “body snatched” type scenarios as well.

When you are overcome and replaced by a Doppleganger take this move next time you level up:

A whole new man!

When a Doppelganger behaves in a manner different then the person they are impersonating, roll+CHA. On a 10 or more you can explain it away as your new attitude/mindset/religious view, etc. On a 7-9 you hesitate too long or your facts are a little off. On a 6 or less it is clear you are doing something suspicious.

Some ideas for moves:

Knowing what’s next:

the Doppelganger’s telepathic abilities often let it anticipate what’s expected of them, as such you can always ask “What is about to happen here?” when Discerning Realities, even on a 6 or less.

Faces in the crowd:

When you changes faces quickly to escape detection, roll+INT. On a 10+ you avoid detection.  On a 7-9 you aren’t the guy they’re are looking for, but there’s something off about you. On a 6 or less the transformation has gone awry.

Do I know you?

When you are approached by a victim’s friend and they question you, roll+INT, in a 10+ your telepathy allows you to answer the question exactly as they expect you too. On a 7-9 you answer satisfies them for now, but hey still need convincing. On a 6 or less, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

What’s on your mind?

You have honed your telepathy to be able to read a little deeper than surface thoughts. When you have time and concentrate on scanning someone, roll+INT. On a 10+ you can ask 2 questions from the list below. On a 7-9 you can ask 1.

-How does this person expect me to behave?

-What memories does this person share with my victim?

-What about me is not as they expect?

-How does this person feel about my victim?

-Are they being honest?

-What is their general mood?


New Alignment might be needed as well:

Evil: Shift blame or consequences by impersonating another.

Chaotic: Benefit yourself by creating confusion or paranoia

Neutral: Stay safe by imitating another

Just kind of spit-balling with it at this point. Any and all help appreciated.

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  1. I really like the idea.  I’m hesitant in having mechanical moves tied to how well a player can negotiate / spitball answers?  I think a ‘using your telepathy’ caveat to the Do I Know You move would alleviate my concerns.  (Also – consider ‘close acquaintance’ instead of ‘friend’.  It allows employers, lovers, children, servants, etc)

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