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  1. yup must let you know, ive still got the mega compendium class stash, and have had some players pick them (worked them into stories for triggers)

    but yeah some themed weapons would be awesome

    I remember something a time ago about a ring that when removed and held in the “ok” hand sign, a handle and blade would appear, like a stilleto dagger

  2. Since it is from the Cat People, I think it would improve areas in which these people are lacking. So my version:

    Resist instinct: When you discern realities you can ask a question even if you roll a 6-, even if the GM makes it’s move.

    Resist catnip: When you consume catnip you get only the good effects

    Uncat-nish cooperation: when you Help someone you get +2 to the roll (who you help still gets +1 on success).

  3. Ok thanks for the suggestions Here is what I have:

    Whisker’s Sword

    When you wield this sword you gain the ability to see in darkness even if that darkness is magical. You are always able to retract the blade. When you fall from a height you are always able to land on your feet.

    The sword has 3 hold. You may spend 1 Hold to do 1 of the following:

    *Treat a fail on parley as a 7-9

    *The person that is touching the blade of your sword instantly goes to sleep

    *Instantly succeed on a Last Breath Move

    When your hold is gone, when taking a rest you may pour a bottle of milk onto the sword and when waking up you will gain 3 hold.

  4. I like the move but there has to be some other “undesired” aspect attached. Like the need to chase small animals, purring when happy or touched, fear of dogs, Etcetera.

  5. In order to recharge its powers the character must hinder an action of someone they have a bond with (as per the rules on hindering) because “cats are assholes”.

  6. They are an ancient race of people, they built the ruins that are in The Great Forest which has all manner of Egyptian style traps in it. My ranger’s Cat is a physical manifestation of their god, which he now is a Cleric for. 

  7. james day I’m just gonna brainstorm a couple. Will be fun for me, and hopefully helpful for you, but feel free to disregard them at your discretion :3

    Blade of The Sphinx

    Prized artifact of the feline people and form scepter of the God ___, the blade of the sphinx endows the wielder with great wisdom and insight. They can now see through any lie, detect any evil, and solve any riddle with ease.

    ____‘s Fang

    A tooth from the great cat themselves. Keen enough to slice through any natural armor with ease, this fang also gives the ability to see into any and all darkness as the residual divine magic seeps into it’s wielder.

  8. james day

    Splinter of the Great Oak

    Only a God could have broken off a limb of the Great Oak in the heart of the Forest. Pricelessly valuable, this weapon can only be wielded by those who bear the Great Forest no ill will. Indestructible except by the strongest blazes of dwarves of men, the splinter brings with it the magic of the Forest, and the personality of its original owner.

    Sword of a Ruined Kingdom

    Once a thing of majesty and brilliance, this sword is now rusty and old. Yet beneath its tarnished surface is a beast waiting to be set free. Among the ruins of the cat people, or wherever ____ is/are there, the sword acts as a conduit for the God/Goddess ____‘s power. But in places where there is no such influence, the warblade is as tarnished and rusty as ever.


    This sword contains the nine lives of  an ancient, noble cat of some renown.(Take 9 hold) Whenever you take a life, this is reduced by 1, and whenever you save one, a missing life (hold) is replaced. You may spend these hold to change  a partial success to a full success or a failure to a partial success when defying danger if you mitigate the danger or risk with the power of the lives within.

    On a full success on discern realities, name one detail about the situation in hand. It is then true. 

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