Hello everyone I’m brand new to DW and the community.

Hello everyone I’m brand new to DW and the community.

Hello everyone I’m brand new to DW and the community.  I’m currently in the process of creating my first game.  My fiance and brother will be PC’s.  If anyone has some tips for me or them I would love to hear anything and everything.  

I’ve also been reading premade games to get good ideas of how my game creation process is, obviously its not 100% sound at this point but once we get a few adventures under our belt I’ll be that much better.

So i’m glad to be here and if anyone has tips or comments that will be helpful don’t hold back.  Thanks in advance and I’m happy to be here.

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  1. Well, it’s your first session, so you don’t actually need gaming preparation besides reading the rules.

    Creating the setting and start the adventure is what the first session is about ^^

  2. I would print out a GM list of moves. I found it useful to be able to refer to them as play. One of the key points of DW is the fact that you don’t have players roll nearly as often, so knowing exactly when and what kind of move is required is useful.

  3. Tim and Ezio special thanks for the link and stuff. Big thanks to everyone else this has been great for me.

    At this point I’ll let you guys in on a small obstical in my first session. My brother is about 85% deaf with hearing aids almost 100% without. So we’re exploring ways to help the communication flow more naturally from me as GM an him as a PC. Roll20, Skype and having my fiance promptly type up everything for me and me for her were our first ideas and I’ll let you know how it

    Goes. Any ideas for me please do let me know and thanks again it’s great to see a community so engaging an helpful.

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