Looking for some GM advice when it comes to fire.

Looking for some GM advice when it comes to fire.

Looking for some GM advice when it comes to fire. I’ve got some fire themed enemies that I’m making (inspired by Guild Wars destroyers) and I wanted to know how other GMs out there might have used fire themed monsters in their adventures.

The heroes will be in danger of being set on fire, what are some ways I could deal with this using moves?

I don’t have any specific instances of this happening yet so I can’t give an example of play. I’m just looking for inspiration about how to use this monster.

Maybe tell a short story about a time you set a hero on fire?

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  1. Ask for defy danger rolls on CON to approach them in combat.

    Use the fire as base for hard moves: consume resouces (easy) split the party (the temperature is too high, a party member must run for a side tunnel) , show signs of approaching treat (the temperature is rising… the monster is exploding) … and so on

  2. If it’s something you see happening a LOT in this next adventure, it may be worth creating a custom move for.

    I wouldn’t usually recommend that, but if it’s honestly happening again and again it would be nice to have a standard way to deal with it. Use one of those “pick what doesn’t happen” group sets: don’t lose an item, don’t take x damage, don’t spread the fire. Then include “put out the immediate flames.”

    10+ choose 3, 7-9 choose 2.

    I know some people don’t like the “choose what doesn’t happen” mechanic, but I think it makes more sense. I shouldn’t be able to choose what a fire does. But I can choose what I spend effort preventing. It all ends up the same, but this way feels like agency the character should have. NMMV

  3. Second thought, don’t include “put out the flames”. Why would anyone NOT choose that. It should be assumed with any 7+. Degree of success just determines consequences

  4. Kevin Tompos Thought you were right on this one, and then realized they might not stop to put out the flames if there’s something even more important they want to do (e.g. avoid the dragon’s mighty jaws).

    E.g. 7-9 chose one; 10+ both apply:

    – You roll to put out your burning robes

    – You take some other action

  5. Or you can write a move as:

    When you put out your burning robes rolling on the floor roll + con :

    10+ you put out them

    7+ you put out them but … choose one

    – something is lost in the fire

    – you spread the fire

    – you get damage

    6- choose two

  6. True Michael D. You’re right that there maybe times where there’s an action they’d rather take on a partial success. Just not likely any of the options I gave, ha!

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