23 thoughts on “Just a little photo of what’s on my desk.”

  1. Damian Jankowski It’s actually just an off-colour clear die… I’ve had it for well over a decade though, so unfortunately I can’t remember what brand or where I got it from.

  2. OOOOOHHHH WHY must you tease like this? How long have we awaited those spruced-up new official playbooks that were teased.. what… like… so… long… [weeps]

  3. Damian Jankowski I REALLY want to, but that might take some serious creative thinking. The sheets were done in AI, and have a lot of fiddly bits I would want to bake-down in order to make them easy to use…

    Let’s just say YES, but that it might take a little longer to get that one out.

  4. Already printed some on yellow and goldenrod. I can read them in the sunlight but I would be interested to know how legible others find the grey text. Love, love, love the layout.

  5. Anyone know if the items that have been pointed out as needing to be fixed, have been indeed been fixed? I can’t remember which thread pointed out possible issues or maybe I imagined the whole thing.

  6. Jim Jones You didn’t imagine. As gorgeous as the sheets are, there are some errors and omissions, not all of them are Stefan’s doing, and there has been no official announcement of corrections. There have been fan corrections to some sheets but we are in no way comprehensively amended. I’ll find the link and add it here.

  7. Were the templates mentioned earlier released? If so would someone please point me in their direction, have just stumbled across these sheets and love the formatting/look of them, would like to use similar format for some homebrew stuff.

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