Silent Blade

Silent Blade

Silent Blade

Requires Back stab, hand, 1 weight 

This Dagger or short sword is made with the needs of a thief in mind. It is tinted black or deep blue most often. The pommel is bell-shaped, giving the blade the interesting (if useless) ability to stand upright with some reliability. The silent blade makes absolutely no sound when drawn or used. The original intention was to keep guards from calling for help, but it is very effective at preventing the

casting of spells as well. 

When you attack a surprised or defenseless enemy with a Silent Blade, you can choose to deal your damage or roll+DEX. *On a 10+ choose two. *On a 7–9 choose one. 

*Your strike renders the victim mute, unable to call out or cast spells

*You create an advantage, +1 forward to you or an ally acting on it

*Reduce their armor by 1 until they repair it

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  1. Another twist might be that someone without Backstab is too fumble-fingered to use it safely? It might even act as a low-grade cursed weapon, although they could of course still throw it away. 

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