4 thoughts on “I took a stab at creating a base class.”

  1. At first glance, my first worry would be that this class seems to be adversarial to the group, rather than part of the team. Is that what you wanted? I picture something of a changeling when I read these moves, that can almost mimic the ability of others.

    My other concern would be the fact that players typically choose playbooks that are different enough that they cannot necessarily do the same things. That way, each player feels distinct and unique without “stepping on each others toes”. How do you imagine someone playing out this class?

    Let’s see what advanced moves you have in mind.

  2. The concept is to add a small amount of conflict within the party without being truly disruptive. I can’t speak for every group, but the few times I’ve played, my group has been much more interested in the role-playing aspect of their characters than stepping on one another’s toes.

    I imagine the player interested in using this class as being a sort of student of life, learning from whatever source he can by observing and experimenting on his or her own. While the lower levels of advanced moves do have the potential of stealing another’s thunder, the higher level advanced moves are where the character branches out on his own. It’s here where the players could try to organize and plan their moves if they desire.

    I wanted to give options for a backup healer/caster as well as the fighter’s signature weapon without entirely giving them the same level of power with those moves.

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