Hola good people!

Hola good people!

Hola good people! Ive only played in a single session of Dungeon World but I want to start to run a few sessions online. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good guide on understanding the game mechanics and how to use them for best effect. Im looking for real entry level stuff here.

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  1. And then I have collected some stuff here: 


    Especially interesting: 

    45min collaborative world building

    Things to do in the first session

    a bit more advanced once you have understood the main mechanics:

    A Guide to roll etiquette 

    A Guide to pacing in fights

    If one in your group wants to play a Ranger then the Animal Companion FAQ might be helpful. 

    You can also search this community for #XWeek  where X is Ranger or Wizard or whatever for specific advice and ideas for specific classes. 

  2. Damian Hupfeld do everything described in the 

    45min collaborative world building

    Things to do in the first session

    texts. That creates the best kinds of one-shots. 

  3. Damian Hupfeld  I use roll20, because I like drawing maps using their tool and their character sheets are superb.

     My advice for running is to ask the players questions all ze time. I sometimes even ask players what they want to be in the next room.

    My idea for a one-shot:

    “For years, the tomb of Galroth the red has gone undisturbed.This ancient Wizard’s tomb is protected by a powerful enchantment that turns all that enter to dust and bone. However, an entrepreneur Dwarf name Dorath has gotten a hold of an amulet that would protect those that enter from that enchantment. Inside, rumors of untold wealth, knowledge and power await you adventurers. Get your ragtag team together and venture forth into his Tomb. Whether you’re hear for the loot, for arcane knowledge, for curiosity, or even for fun, the tomb of Galroth is finally open to the mortals of this realm.”

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