25 thoughts on “I want to play a game of dungeon world before I run it for my friends, preferibly PbP. Anyone want to run this?”

  1. No pressure – please do your thing and have a ton of fun – but if you were to convert to a PbP on a forum or purpose-built thing like rpol.net, I’d love to join. 🙂 (My schedule conforms better to such a construct’s asynchronous nature.)

  2. Well, I’m set up at rpol.net.  Use the Browse/Search for Games button towards the center to look for EldNathr’s Dungeon World Game.  Once we get you in, I’ll give a bit of flavor text and questions and excitement (hopefully) will go from there.

    So, Miles.  What are you thinking about playing?  William mentioned a barbarian.  Don’t want to pigeon hole either of you, I’m mostly just curious.  Figuring it out as we go in the beginning is fine

  3. Awesome. I am considering a bard, at the moment, though I’m open to any of the core classes. I think there’s something to love about each and every one.

    The back story is a work in progress. I feel like my current idea is perhaps too obvious a trope, but maybe that will afford its own sort of fun. 

    Anyway, I should warn you: if you let me be a bard in a PbP game, you’re going to get bad poetry. And maybe limericks. Okay, definitely limericks.

  4. A barbarian and a bard, huh?  This already sounds amusing and fun!  And as long as you don’t mind the limericks showing up in the Tavern if I make an Actual Play Post, I’m good with being forced to read them ;-}

  5. I’ll try to get in there and post when I’ve some downtime today, but it’s the first day of GenCon, so it’s iffy. 🙂 Pretty excited to get it going, though!

  6. I have a bunch of stuff written for this, but I think you have to approve me on rpol.net, or in some way add me to the campaign first. (It says, “You do not currently participate in this game, click here to request to join.”)

  7. It won’t let me add you unless I assign you a character (which there aren’t any cus there aren’t any players).  I’m really starting not to like rpol.

  8. Man, I’m sorry for suggesting it. I’ve enjoyed some of its mechanics previously, so I thought I’d throw it out there.

    My character will be Owain, if you want to create it and assign it to me, or however that works.

  9. Okay, that actually worked.  I successfully assigned Owain to you Miles, so you should (hopefully) be able to post now.

    william kepperling, if you want to give me your character’s name, I will add you as well.

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