One thought on “In the new “See What They Find” move, what do the numbers under Discovery and Danger mean?”

  1. Hi Dev Lox — they originally meant the number of each thing they would find, but I have since changed it to make it more flexible for the GM. The current table is:


    Unthemed area

    1 Common, empty

    2 Common, Danger

    3-4 Common, Discovery + Danger

    5-6 Common, Discovery

    Themed area

    7 Common, Danger

    8 Common, Discovery + Danger

    9 Common, Discovery

    10 Unique, Danger 

    11 Unique, Discovery + Danger

    12 Unique, Discovery

    and the GM can decide to have more than one Discovery/Danger as she sees fit. I found during playtesting that I often wanted more than 1 Discovery in a given area, but setting a specific number felt like too restrictive in play.

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