This was another one of my terrible ideas that just wouldn’t die.

This was another one of my terrible ideas that just wouldn’t die.

This was another one of my terrible ideas that just wouldn’t die. It started out as a cavalier class focused on mounted combat, but without the horse, it became too much like a paladin and pretty bland. So I mixed it up a little. Everything is better with dragons.

I’m still short a move or two, and I’m not completely happy on how to stat up the dragon itself. The Follower rules from +Jeremy Strandberg as presented in +Jason Lutes’ Perilous Wilds are interesting, but I’m not sure how I’d do it. What moves would be suitable for a dragon mount?

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  1. This looks awesome! I would love to give this a try some time 😀 There’s a book about using mounts for DW that I like, too. Might see about mergin’ the ideas.

  2. Oh, fun!

    I’m actually not much of a fan of the Dragonrider move, as it means any time you ride your dragon that it’s dangerous.  As a player, I’d be pretty uncomfortable with that. I’m a dragon knight, dammit!

    Maybe rephrase the trigger to be about defying danger through flight?  Or just pushing your dragon’s limits?  (And maybe have maneuverability tags for your dragon?)

  3. Oh, I was thinking something like “choose 2 strengths & 1 flaw.”  

    Strengths:  nimble, fast, tireless, unstoppable

    Flaws: clumsy, ponderous, short-range, fragile

    Maybe pick tags for each area you care to detail about the dragon (appearance, might, breath weapon, temperament, etc.).  Or have some broader strengths/flaws and pick more of them.  I think I’d look toward the AW Chopper and their gang for inspiration on this. 

  4. Peter Johansen If you are interested in using the Follower rules for this, I just posted the Perilous Wilds version of the Ranger on the Lampblack & Brimstone community. You might find it useful.

  5. I may just play this class when I get the chance. I honestly think being in constant danger on a dragon is totally fine. It’s a freaking dragon!!! Just from the following traits of an average dragon:firebreath, tough scales, intelligence, leathery wings and sharp claws, the dragon knight’s fictional presence is incredibly high. You can buffet people with wind, kite enemies with fire, and frighten people off. I think serious consequences should be a part of this class. Plus. What’s an adventure without a little chance of incineration? 😉 which is totally fine, which is why I also support Jeremy’s idea of adding weaknesses or disadvantages play into the dragon. I would even go as far as saying you should have equal strengths and weaknesses at level 1 because as I mentioned, it’s a freaking dragon hahaha. Those are my thoughts Peter Johansen

  6. Thanks Harrison s !

    I think my next version may do away with Loyalty; it doesn’t add all that much, and the bond between the knight and their dragon should be very strong by default. Instead, I may list “-1 to Control until the dragon’s cost is met” as a consequence for both starting moves.

  7. Peter Johansen I like loyalty because it makes a quantifiable number. Also, the having armor equal to loyalty is awesome. Another option could be emphasizing creating bonds with your dragon. So instead of loyalty, it’s all based off bond. Your bonus and penalty for whatever your advantages or strengths and weaknesses go off 1+bond(or 1/2 your level+bond?, or just bond).Then you just have your dragon-knight get a bond at lv.1 to start your relationship.   

  8. I agree that loyalty is kind of an awkward way to handle the dragon- both the -1 to control or the bond ideas both sound much improved to me.  Either way though, this is an awesome class!! I especially like how you emphasized that the dragon has its own agenda as well, I can imagine that making the experience much more dramatic!

  9. Peter J Hey I tried to message you to try and get this file since it isn’t there anymore. I was really hoping I could get a look at it for a player 😀

  10. Peter J Thanks for the quick reply! I found it somehow through Google after an hour or two of hit and miss searches lol

    Thanks again! It looks awesome, and I’m sure I’ll be borrowing a few bits as a compendium class for a friends Paladin!

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