3 or 4 weeks ago I started thinking about making moves and class.

3 or 4 weeks ago I started thinking about making moves and class.

3 or 4 weeks ago I started thinking about making moves and class. Now I have a good idea of what I want and the start of my actual sheet. I’d like some feedback on what I have 🙂

Here’s my current description for the Soldier class:

‘They say wars are won by soldiers, but they have no idea what that really means. They say it, but they don’t understand. But you do. 

No matter what colors you wear, you’re a soldier. You’ve seen the clash of armies and smelled the rank stench of death. You’ve seen friends and foe alike hewn down and left for the carrion. You’ve sacrificed more than they can possibly understand, for reasons they can’t possibly comprehend. You are the line between your foes and everything you hold dear. While many have broken, you are still strong, be it for your country, your people, for honor, or for glory. War has changed you for good or for ill, but now, you are the master of it. You are the Soldier. ‘

EDIT: I have made considerable progress this morning. The new ‘Soldier Class’ Draft is here:


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  1. And the Archer specialisation doesn’t work without the Called Shot move. There is no way to shot at someone without triggering Volley. 

    And even then, having Called Shot makes that move unnececary.  

    This class also seems to be all over the place focus wise. 

  2. Yeah.  That is true Tim. I think I will end up changing it to  +1 forward for a specific task or attack every fight or something. However, I like the idea of getting something off of bonds because of the theme of soldierly teamwork. Yes, the focus is definitely off right now. I am trying to make a more flexible martial class and provide a lot of cool options, which is slightly contradictory to traditional Dungeon World classes, but I think it will be a fun change if I can get it right. Because there are a lot of different types of soldiers The Specializations definitely need some tweaking also, as the archer is super weird and the leader is lackluster right now. I am looking for feedback on if the class is interesting or not, if this set up seems appealing or plausible in this format to you. Also, I’ve considered adding one more move, as most of the moves are just flat bonuses and no rolls or anything too interesting. You also might notice that some of the moves are from class warfare, and so I might tweak them for this class.

    Thanks 😛

    TL;DR: I stole stuff from class warfare, I’m trying something different and flexible, I’m considering adding a new move, and I want to know if what I have looks interesting to play and plot-wise. 

  3. Remember that +1 to hit in DW is like +5 to hit in D&D, so offering a more-or-less free way to get it ongoing is insanely strong.  +2 ongoing should be Right Out.  (If they can combine that with a +3 stat, then they literally cannot miss.)

  4. Hey Colin. Thanks for the reminder. I have been making some major changes in the last few hours and have eliminated that by changing the move somewhat. I came from pathfinder, so those +whatevers are something I have to change my thinking about. Tell me what you think of the revised version :). Thanks. 

  5. Last minute update. I also just changed the word choice of ’till the bitter end’ to read “when fighting one foe or working to accomplish something together’ instead of ‘fighting alongside them’. Still may need clearer word choice, but then it will not be like a constant +1 to everything. Which, like you guys have pointed out, is brokenly strong. 🙂  

  6. Throwing MORE thoughts here xD. I am considering taking out the battlefield disciplines and replacing it with a different disciplined move, maybe involving better or faster preparation using the Bolster basic move. At this point with what I’ve added, the disciplines seem pointless with the specializations in place. 

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