5 thoughts on “Made a class with the help of David Guyll. Feel free to check it out!”

  1. Sample Moves:

    Life Draining Touch

    Thanks to corrupting magic, your mere touch is a weapon with the hand and ignores armor tags. When you hack and slash with your touch, roll+SOUL instead of +STR. When you kill someone with this move, take +1 to use create undead with their corpse.

    Command Undead

    You can give orders to mindless undead as if they were hirelings with no cost. At any given time you can command a number of undead

    whose combined skill points equal 5+your level or less. When you order undead under your control, you always take the 10+ result.

    Create Undead

    When you animate a humanoid corpse, roll+SOUL. ✴On a 10+, it has 3 skill points. ✴On a 7-9, it has 1 skill point.

  2. Congratulations Maria!  just bought it.  looking forward to seeing what sort of trouble The Lich might be able to cause in and around the Greybark Forest!

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