Yes/No? What do you think?

Yes/No? What do you think?

Yes/No? What do you think?

Trade taking another move at leveling up for an increase in base class damage. Yes/No? Good idea? Bad? Why?

I’d be inclined to allow it, as always, if it followed the fiction. If I had a Wizard who was training to become an Arcane Warrior and had taken Heavy Armor prof as a move and was training with the Fighter. If a Thief thinks he’s seen enough combat and as a continuation of his Viper move, he’s getting deadlier, etc.

I think it’s an interesting option to offer.

13 thoughts on “Yes/No? What do you think?”

  1. Write an advanced move for every class that offers a fictional reason for increased damage (assuming that class doesn’t already have such a thing) and then let them choose that if they prefer it to the default advanced moves.

    …or, to put it another way, what Ben Jarvis said. Compendium Class.

  2. Eric Lochstampfor  this idea seems to be promoting raw power over fictional power.  In light of that, the question I’d be inclined to ask is:

    What is missing in the way the fiction of your game is being played that makes it so tempting to trade fiction moves for power ones?

  3. Does the character in question have a multiclass move available? Because taking Merciless from the fighter class is a mechanically better option than increasing your damage die, and comes with a little flavor.

    (Though, side note, I’ve always liked Alex Norris’s variant wording for Merciless: “When you fight to kill, without holding anything back, deal +1d4 damage.”)

  4. Michael D Damage is fictionally meaningful. The fighter does more damage than the wizard because he’s trained to do so. If there’s a good fictional reason to raise someone’s damage die and no comparable move to take, I don’t see a reason to disallow this.

  5. This is not in reference to any specific game or issue or player. Was just thinking about it. Since there are classes that have increased damage die as an advanced move option, was thinking of applying it in a broad “oh by the way if you care to, you can also..” type option.

  6. If memory serves, the advanced moves that offer increased damage usually only go up one step, d6 to d8, d8 to d10, etc.  You could simply re-word those moves accordingly, and have your PC take a multi-classed move, where available.

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