Well, for better or worse here it is . . .

Well, for better or worse here it is . . .

Well, for better or worse here it is . . .

My first DungeonScapes bundle. This is one is a freebee and I’m putting it out there in hopes of getting some feedback to see what sort of improvements can be made.


Check it out. See what you think. Tell me how many pennies you think something like this could fetch.



20 thoughts on “Well, for better or worse here it is . . .”

  1. Lovely set, man. Really like that goblin. Cave slime and scree moves look good, though I’d probably remove the damage prescriptions from the first option on each of them. Simply saying “It dissolves your flesh” is more interesting and leaves the fiction more open, I think.

  2. Awesome, AJ 😀 I love all of it. And just to be that guy, I like the damage being there. I don’t think it does any harm to the fiction to do harm to the character.

  3. One thing I forgot to do (aside from a thorough proof read – oops) was include a list of questions. You know the kind you typically find in a dungeon-starter. it could probably use a few more monsters.

    I may go back and add some more material to this bundle based on everyone’s feedback before I make it available via the blog.

    Embarrassing confession – I dont know how patreon works or how to get started offering PDFs for sale. Any advice?

    I was thinking 3-5$ might be a good place to start.

  4. It’s cool. First thing you would need to do is check the DW licence. Do they allow third party products? If so what requirements etc? Once you’ve got all that out of the way the easiest thing to do would be to put it up on rpgnow/druvethru. I haven’t published with them I’m sure they take a cut but all of this info must be on their site. Patreon is more like a subscription agreement with an “artist” to pay some amount in order to get ongoing rewards. It’s committing to continually release work to “backers”. In this case you’ll need to work out a how much $ per post scenario – a lot more involved.

  5. AJ, your drawings are one of the things I enjoy most about this particular community, and this PDF is no exception. Beautiful work and very clean presentation! I would pay ~$5 for this in PDF, $10 if it was already printed.

  6. The artwork is great and I’d certainly pay $5 for a PDF. If they were in a well-printed book or, better yet, in a collection on hard card-stock, easily $10-15.

  7. I like the inclusion of location centered moves, good for an on the fly 7-9 roll or just to complicate adventurers lives.

    Have you tried printing off and laminating some for use at the table? Playing card sized Dungeon Move cards would be great.

  8. The originals are 5×7 card stock. any smaller and I would think text size becomes an issue. Also, we use little paper tokens to help us keep track of where everyone is on the map-like doodles. It’s like having a battle map without the constraints of a grid.

  9. After some serious soul searching, I’m still not sure I feel comfortable selling these . . . I mean, I not an artist by profession or anything and these doodles are something I like to do when I have a small window of time.

    So I am inclined to keep producing DungeonScapes, make them available for free, but figure out a way to ask for donations . . . That way people can decide for themselves whether or not they are worth supporting . . .


    Btw – the next bundle is well underway – lairs, labyrinths & dungeons

  10. I think pay what you want through Drive Thru RPG would be a way to go. A Patreon account might make you feel obligated to dedicate your free time to it,like a second job which could make it un-fun and pay what you want lets people support you for things you produce at your pace, not for some possible future output.

    Personally I’m inclined to support whatever option you choose.

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