This is veeeeery nice class.

This is veeeeery nice class.

This is veeeeery nice class.

I love the “magic swordsman” archetype.

Originally shared by Jacob Randolph–A-Dungeon-World-Playbook

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15 thoughts on “This is veeeeery nice class.”

  1. Tim Franzke​, do you remember the aesthetic I was searching inspired by that Shadow of Mordor love action scene?

    Add a shadow step/teleport move and with a bit of color, this is it ^^

  2. just asking, the playbook has you choose one of three… sword, hammer or whip. as a designer and an art director it seems like a poor illustration choice per the flavor that was established. but whatever.

  3. I like it.

    Imagine Thor or a Jedi. Someone with cool powers that show them through their weapon , or maybe it’s the weapon to have powers and it needs the wielder to channel them.

    It’s a personal favorite archetype,and I find these moves very much on the spot.

  4. I think having to roll for the channel might make sense. Vos it seems like you can just do all this awesome stuff with no rolls for your starting move

  5. I call that positive.

    Having cool stuff to do, without risking embarrassing failure, since the beginning is something I like.

    I play to be cool and effective and heroic. No sense waiting a couple of levels to do cool stuff.

  6. Naaah. Relative power level are rarely an issue in DW. ^^

    I played parties including characters of 10th and 1st level together, and it didn’t skip a beat.

    It’s not a tactical challenge, is about creating cool stories ^^

  7. I think we have different ideas about what makes a cool story. But the spellsword off in the corner never failing his class moves isn’t as interesting to me. If I ever use this I’ll edit it heavily.

  8. Fair enough. Don’t get me wrong I like some of the ideas. The hammer ability of when you hit a substance is awesome. I’d need to tweak it anyway before my friend would even consider letting me use it

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