What do you guys think of my custom move for arm-wrestling?

What do you guys think of my custom move for arm-wrestling?

What do you guys think of my custom move for arm-wrestling? I created it for the demo adventure I’m running for my RPG Beasties & Bygones (http://bit.ly/BnBRPG) I’m also working on a thumb-wrestling move.

Arm Wrestle: When you accept this arm wrestling challenge take 3 Hold. Roll+Str *On a 10+, You slam his arm down and win right away. *On a 7-9, What happens depends on how much Hold you have:

3 Hold: Impressive, his arm is 1/3rd down. -1 Hold. Roll again.

2 Hold: So close…His arm is 2/3rd the way down. -1 Hold. Roll again. 

1 Hold: After an epic struggle, you recover your strength & win.

*On a Miss, or if your Hold is 0, you instantly lose as he slams your hand down.

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  1. I don’t see the purpose of the hold in this case. It seems that 10+, etc. have their results. You start with three hold before you even roll, so wouldn’t the outcome always be the same? You usually spend hold like a currency to perform an action. Not to mention, 3 hold is better than 1 typically so the options should be reversed at the least. 

    I see that you’re probably trying to drag out the arm wrestling to make it more epic and suspenseful, but a simple Defy Danger with STR here makes sense to keep it simple and keep things moving. I do love custom moves though, so don’t hesitate to keep at making a good custom move.

    I would probably try to incorporate other elements during the prep for the arm wrestling, such as gamblers setting bets on the two of you, larger stakes, etc. to make the outcome big and eventful.

  2. Interesting way to do this. Curious how it works in game.

    I would have just gone with 3 successful rolls to win unless rolling or having modified 12+.

  3. I guess I didn’t want to use defy danger because of the lack of inherent danger. And the hold only comes into play if you roll a 7-9. On a 10+ you win instantly. If you have 3 hold when you roll. 7-9. You are closer to winning but it might take one more roll or two depending on what you roll.

  4. Javier Palenzuela  The way it is written, you start with 3 hold regardless. So the answer would always be the 3 hold choice. But even then, the hold usage here doesn’t exactly fit the bill.

    Hold is usually spent like currency. For a hold example:

    When you accept an arm wrestling challenge, position yourself on a surface with the target and roll+STR. On a 10+, gain 2 hold. On a 7-9, 1 hold. Spend hold on any of the following:

    – Gain a few inches closer to victory (must be performed three times to win)

    – Land a clever quip against your opponent. Neither of you gain ground but you gain favor with the crowd.

    – Learn something interesting or useful about your opponent in regards to your adventure or current situation

    – Gain +1 to any move against this opponent other than furthering the arm wrestling bout

    You can see that the choices really open up the scenario. You can simply try to win, which will require at least two rolls minimum. However, you can also, instead of trying to win, use arm wrestling as a way to learn secrets about a person, gain favor of the crowd, or simply pretend to arm wrestle and either attack, steal, or perform any other action against this opponent.

    You could even pretend to arm wrestle and simply take a +1 to try and assassinate him at the table. Just a random idea! Hope it spurs your thought process.

  5. Javier Palenzuela I was just giving an alternate example. If you want to force hold use, that’s fine – I just don’t know how players will react to the Hold mechanic being used that way.

    If you want to force a choice, the language “On a 7-9, choose one:” might be more appropriate, because hold is to be spent when you want to. That’s why it’s Hold – you hold it until you want to use it.

  6. I see your point… I just wish your way accounted for the back and forth that can happen in an arm wrestling match. In other words, the dramatic effect of having the opponent almost win but I think reversing the value of 3 Hold would be a step in the right direction. 🙂

  7. Just got home and gave your move another look and I have to agree that it is way better and a more appropriate use for hold. I love the way it gives players outside of the challenge options. I will be tweaking some words here and there but I have to thank you. It incorporates the drama of arm wrestling and the Hold mechanic perfectly. Would you mind if I gave you credit for it in my book?

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