New #Stonetop  playbook: The Marshal. Feedback welcome & appreciated!

New #Stonetop  playbook: The Marshal. Feedback welcome & appreciated!

New #Stonetop  playbook: The Marshal. Feedback welcome & appreciated!

If you haven’t seen these before, Stonetop is a DW setting centered around a remote village. The PCs are the heroes of that village in a time of turmoil, adventuring to put down threats to their home and seize opportunities.

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New #Stonetop  playbook: The Marshal. Feedback welcome & appreciated.

This is my take on a warlord-style class, one that leans pretty heavily on the Follower rules as well as the Steading Moves. You’ve got a lot of power in your crew, but the crew is part of Stonetop’s community and (hopefully) not just something you sacrifice willy-nilly.

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  1. I realy like how the moves expanding the range of how a crew can be used. From recruiting to implement NPCs you saved into crew and even boni for them on their moment of death. Its a heavily specialised class but plenty for the one who is up to lead.

    Backgrounds, Drive and Warstories are a fine suplier of material for the GM to work with and expending into the narratives. I am utterly impressed on how you rewrote DW into a system which incorporate more character background directly into the narration do much.

    Only critic: when i read Marshal, I always have to think of Cowboys….?

  2. Jeremy Strandberg  I’m glad I stumbled across this when I did. I was in the middle of incorporating the CW ‘Captain’ into the followers rules as a group follower for a player in one of my DW campaigns. Is this the most recent and polished version of the marshal? Thanks for all your good work.

  3. Harrison s yes, currently the most recent version. Some plans to tweak the bonds, but otherwise it’s pretty much ready for playtesting. If you use it, let me know how it goes!

  4. Jeremy Strandberg Will do. We’re gonna change it somewhat to fit our setting, but I was going to make a one-size fit all set of crew moves. Now I don’t have to, though I may at a later date. 

  5. Jeremy Strandberg  How do I get rid of the check marks in the tag tables of the crew sheet? I’m trying to make my own and I can’t seem to select or get rid of it.

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