Small suggestion.

Small suggestion.

Small suggestion. I would remove the more sexually-charged virtues and vice: chastity, lustful, lewd, etc. If a group is just randomizing characters, they might end up with a character that they are very uncomfortable playing. Plus, those keywords (and the Don’t be a Dick rule) make it harder to play with younger players. This might be more of a concern to me, since I mostly run games for 5th graders, but I thought I might bring it up.

7 thoughts on “Small suggestion.”

  1. You could expunge sections you don’t want kids to deal with. Black marker on their copy. I’d rather you not request to bowdlerize the game for the rest of us.

  2. I plan to play this game with kid as well (as I do with FW). My advice is to rewrite the traits you don’t think are appropriate. For instance, in FW, I replaced prostitute by burgmeister.

  3. I appreciate the concern, Ben Milton, having kids myself. I don’t want to excise all references to sex and sexuality from the book, however, since part of the intent (especially as a follow-on to Funnel World) is to hit a slightly grubby Chaucerian/Vancian vibe. It’s not a focus of the game, but I did include those adjectives on purpose, and in that sense the game is perhaps for mature players.

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