8 thoughts on “Here’s a first pass at the Perilous Wilds compendium classes. Feedback welcome!”

  1. Tweaked the Scout’s Sense Danger move:

    Sense Danger

    When you are subject to an imminent but unseen threat, the GM must tell you, and roll +WIS: on a 10+, the GM says which way it’s coming from, and you can do two 

    things before the threat manifests; on a 7-9, as above, but you only get to do one thing.

  2. I like them. About Shoot to Kill: …”deal your damage twice.” Are you meaning that I roll all my damage dice 2 times, and sum all together (very powerful), or that the dice become b(normal dice) ?

    Also, if the right answer is the 1st one: why not simply add a die (as other similar moves do), something like +1d8 ?

  3. Andrea Parducci, it’s meant to be a sum. I was using terminology I thought I read somewhere in the DW book, but now I can’t find it. Something like +1d8 would definitely be more clear. I’ll revise it.

  4. Very nice. 🙂

    A few suggested tweaks (changes in italics):


    Pack Smart: When you use the last of your adventuring gear, you get two uses instead of one, but you have to say what they both are, right now.

    Eat the Enemy: 

    * You become sick and acquire a monstrous characteristic until you recover (the GM will tell you what)


    – Patron: Wizard –  _magical items, or evidence and location of places with magical properties_

    – Magnate: evidence of natural resources and their location


    – When you live for a week off what you hunt only, this compendium class becomes available to you.

    – Stalk move: Add +1 to your roll when pursuing, hiding from, subduing, or attacking your quarry.


    – Inspire move ‘Vengeful’ option: state that this does not stack (otherwise possible for allies to get +3 ongoing against the danger)

    Also, does the incapacitated trigger conflict with spending a Hold?


    Know the Land: Each time you take this move, choose 1 region you have spent a week travelling through.  This region is considered familiar to you.

  5. Thanks for the notes, David! I followed most of your suggestions. And I changed the last paragraph of Inspire to

    You may spend hold for this move even after you’re incapacitated or have passed through Death’s Black Gates. 

  6. These are a lot of fun.  Imma steal some of those Leader moves, straight-up.

    Some specific comments:

    Sniff the Air: there’s no limit on this trigger, right?  And no roll, so no risk.  Given that, maybe limit it to asking 1 question at at time? (each time being an opportunity for a GM’s soft move)

    Eat the Enemy: nitpick, but technically, you (the Delver) are being told to roll +CON whenever anyone else eats a specious ration. I’m guessing the person doing the eating should be rolling, right?

    Plant Your Flag: “+1 ongoing to Fight or Defend“.  Are these meant as DW compendium classes (as opposed to Freebooters)? If so, that should probably be Hack & Slash, right?

    Log Your Findings: Suggest changing the last line to “You can only benefit from sharing an entry once.”

    Shoot to Kill: if it’s flat-up double your damage, holy crap that’s powerful. I don’t normally think of DW moves in these terms, but I’d say it’s close to broken powerful.  Even a flat +1d8 is pretty potent.  I’d prefer roll your base damage die twice and take the better.

    Clean and Dress:  Feels like it should be 10+ pick 2, 7-9 pick 1, 6- pick 1 and mark XP and GM makes a move.  Plenty of bad could happen while you carefully skin & dress a creature.

    Hunter’s Rest: Vantage Point… seems like it should be +1 to Stay Sharp, not auto 10+. Just cuz I’ve got a good sight-line doesn’t mean I’m staying awake and attentive all night.  Also… Ambuscade (which is an awesome word) seems to preclude the benefit of Sanctuary, in that the results of Make Camp mostly determine whether you are disturbed.  Maybe Sanctuary gives everyone who makes camp there +1d6 HP or +1 forward?

    Give Orders feels a little flat, and potentially too far reaching (+1 ongoing is a pretty big deal, right? especially if you can give it multiple times with no serious cost).  Maybe instead you can Command Followers or Aid with +CHA?

    Know the Land feels a bit harsh to require taking this move multiple times. Could you just make the move trust the fiction?  Like “When you Spout Lore about a region you have traveled extensively, roll +WIS instead of +INT”?

    Be the Land: Consider rephrasing so that the roll happens when you need to know how well concealed you are?  Rather than up front?

    Sense Danger: I’m always wary of any move that requires the GM to remember that you have it.  I’d recommend changing it to something like “You can always ask the GM if there is an imminent but unseen threat nearby. If the answer is ‘yes,’ roll +WIS…”

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