2 thoughts on “Are any more classes planned for Freebooters of the Frontier?”

  1. No plans at present. I wanted to stick to the “classic four,” and so far we’ve found that they allow for a fair amount of flexibility. Most of them have the opportunity to multiclass, expanding their palette of moves, and In our weekly game we’ve found that the interactions between class playbook, Heritage, Alignment, varied ability scores, and traits create interesting characters that feel almost like unique classes.

    We have a Fighter whose Favored Weapon is a longbow, and plays sort of like a Ranger; a Magic-user whose starting spells make him feel like a Druid (and actually led him to befriend a wild serpent that may become an animal companion of sorts); a Cleric whose Strength of 5 and worship of the God of Death turns him into a devious skirmisher; and a Reckless Elf Fighter who’s like a Berserker with perfect balance.

    Weirdly, I feel like limiting the base classes and adding all the random elements creates a much broader range of potential character types. The tradeoff is you have to be willing to work with what you roll.

    Your mileage may vary!

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