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  1. Nothing yet?  I thought this’d be popular.

    I haven’t seen one myself.  I’d probably go with something like :

    When you build a phylactery and embrace the dark arts you may choose “Lichdom” as a class move. 

    Lichdom – You are functionally immortal, but undead.  As long as your phylactery is unbroken, whenever you would otherwise make your Last Breath roll roll + CON instead.

    On a 6- you drop, your consciousness dissipating for 2d6 hours, after which you will reform at your phylactery with 1d4 HP.

    On a 7-9 you drop, but will come back to your body within a few minutes, regaining 1d4 HP.

    On a 10+ you keep moving.  Regain 1d4 HP.

    Additionally, healing magic now harms you instead of healing you.  Anything that affects the undead affects you as well.

    When you have “Lichdom” as a move you may choose to take “Dark Artistry” and “Necromancy” as class moves when leveling.

    Dark Artistry – When you kill a sentient creature, take + 1 Darkness (up to three)  You may spend Darkness, 1 for 1, to gain + 1 to spellcasting tests.

    Necromancy – You speak the language of the dead, and can communicate with the dead and undead, even those who cannot speak back.  They will never attack you unless you force their hand. 

  2. Well, what things do you imagine a Lich would be able to do? Casting necromancy spells, commanding the undead, what else?

  3. Well the character is a Drider, which is in the Merged Class bundle which can be found here:


    That being said the player already has access to Black Magic as a move. So some moves that expand black magic would be appropriate. She has a small following of other driders and doens’t really express too much interest in commadning unded, but was thinking of some sort of cocooning/soul sucking move that might be used to create some special sort of shadow minion.

    Here are some mods I might make to your moves Sean Fager

    Lichdom – As is plus: Your Flaunt Superiority and Word of Command now work on Undead. Word of Command will automatically succeed on mindless undead.

    Dark Artistry is very OP since she has Black Magic CHA based at +3 already, so boosting it further woudl be game breaking IMHO. I would alter it to allow her to add tags by spending darkness. Spend 1 Darkness to add an additional tag or such.

    Necromancy sort of is taken care of by expanding the word of command so sort of redundant but the idea is sound. Just the Drider class has moves already similar.

    Would change Spider Queen’s Mercy  to Lich Queen’s Delight: When you cocoon a sentient being in webbing and drain their soul as well as their bodily fluids with your dark arts you can create a special undead. Describe your creation and roll + CHA. On a 10+ Hold 3 Control. On a 7-9 Hold 2 Control and pick one:

    -It’s form is not what you wanted

    -It’s temperment is not what you expected.

    -It can not follow complex orders


    I woudl also probably talk about a ritual or move to replenish Control rather than have a series of one shot creatures.

    Perhaps add some Necrotic poisons for her as well or maybe some type of shadow form.

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