3 thoughts on “A quick sketch for tonight’s session . . . The High Crossing, a treacherous pass through the Windswept Mountains.”

  1. Do you use any photo references AJ? Or are they all ‘out of your mind’? ‘Cause this one has fantastic framing and depth of field. I Love it!  The  new markers are awesome too. Have you managed to grab a colour or two? Even a splash of sepia in the rocks or mountain side and dark green in the woods would make the scene pop.

  2. A bit of both, Nathan. Sometimes something will inspire me and other times it’s just what my minds eye can see.

    No colors yet, although the artist loft caries a line of earth tones I would love to get my hands on. They are consistent with the cool greys I use, but they run 60$ for the pack, so maybe in a bit.

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